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Weekend Runners

Weekend Runner is a specialized program for people who love to run but are bog down by their stressful work life.

Running is the simplest way to boost yourself  and your self worth.

You don’t have to be a professional athlete to to experience this, we in our busy life are running after something but but forget to Run for ourselves.

We at ISR have developed a training model for working professional keeping their busy life mind. The benefits of Weekend runners

  • Program according to age, ability and goal.
  • ISR test to assess current fitness status
  • Focus on running techniques and injury prevention workouts
  • A new challenge every week (obstacle run, jungle run etc)
  • Guaranteed fun, every weekend !

For what ever goal you choose to run for may it be ultra marathon, half marathon or just to get in shape our professional coaches will be there to guide you through. Help you discover your true performance and self.

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