Run Posture 2

Day 4 – Interval Training

Interval training 5-3-2

Interval training is an important part of race planning this workout will help train your body to the speed shift. While running 42k or 21k your pace varies with distance and terrain. Interval training will give you the capacity to accelerate you self when required.
Main focus areas
Arm action, remember it should be straight back to chin.

Perform 80% of your best timing.

Run Posture

Warm up

Slow Jog 1.5 km
Joint stretches

Main set

1) 5kms runs @ 80%
Rest with full recovery
2) 3 km run @ 80%
Rest full recovery
3) 2 km run again @ 80%
Rest, recover
Repeat this for 3 times

Cool down
Slow jog 1 km
Joint and muscles Stretches and hydrate

After finishing this workout you should have covered a distance of 32kms

Hope you enjoy the workout and always please share your experience and doubts

Cheers and happy workout