stength training

Marathon training day 1


As promised i am posting my workout schedule for the mumbai marathon/ half marathon preparation. People not participating can also follow it. Its a 30 day plan and i will post one everyday from today. Here it goes

Warm up: a slow jog for 2 kms followed by stretching main muscle groups like arms, neck legs.

Main set: this set of 12 exercises do them in the given order.

1 full squats without weight  ( continues joints opening it helps to strengthen joints and muscle and increase muscle endurance )

2 slow pushup for 40 sec ( arm action strength )

3 back military press ( it develops your scapula ,and arm action motion )

4 bench press ( with barbell)

5 regular abs crunches

6 back extension

7 calf’s( heel and toe moment )

8 knee extension ( help’s in long hours workout to develop knee strength )

9 arm action

10 clean and press ( father of all exercise )

11 hamstring

12 arm curls

Cool down:Holding exercise
Do the stretches back, neck arms, legs etc but hold it for 10-12 sec( very important)
Then 1 km slow run.

That’s it for the 1st day don’t forget to hydrate and hope you guys have fun working out. Please share your comments, i would love hear your experience about the workout .