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Outdoor Fitness- Trail Running

Running like a wild man or woman through the woods nurtures the soul.It is our primal need to move through nature. But now our world is spinning out of control in the age of the androids distracting us from the sweet smell of the trail.

 “We need the tonic of wildness…At the same time that we are earnest to explore and learn all things, We can never have enough of nature ”.    – David Henry Thoreau


Why Run through the jungle.

You now know the romantic version of it, physical fitness is the most obvious reason and has quite a desirable side effect. Running on variable surfaces, such as trails riddled with rocks or roots forces your body to use stabilizing muscles and strengthen connective tissues (ligaments and tendons).

Plus, research shows that trail running can burn up to 10 percent more calories than running on a road or track for the same time or distance.


The varied terrain of trails engages small, intrinsic muscles situated deep within our bodies for balance, improving coordination of muscles and balance.


Builds Strength

Road hills can be treacherous, but trails are a different story. They can be as steep as nature wants them to be. They can go straight up, straight down, around a tree, or around a mountain.

Running on hilly terrain builds leg strength—working quads, calves, and gluteal muscles more than running on flat roads or treadmills.

Body conditioning

Running on changing terrain makes muscles, tendons and ligaments stronger. Compliant surfaces are great for muscles and joints because they store and return your energy.

Trail Running gear

Trail Running is a minimalistic exercise requires the barest of equipment, a good traction shoes and you are ready to go.( so much better than trudging in gym, outdoor fitness rocks! )

If you are one those who like to accessories your workouts here are few handy suggestions

Clothing: The same technical apparel that you wear on roads works for trails, but choose something that you don’t mind getting dirty.

Shoes: As said regular running shoes work fine. But if decide to go full-fledged trail running (and why shouldn’t you, its awesome!) you are better off investing in trail shoes they offer stronger protective sole and better stability. While, barefoot is tempting, trail shoes are smarter move at least in the beginning.

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Water Bottle: Carry a bottle of water if you don’t want dry mouth and parched throat. A favorite among trail runners is the handheld water bottle that straps to the hand and has additional pouches for things like keys, ID, and food.

Headlamp or flashlight: For those who like a bit of extreme adventure in their life and do trail run at night. Headlamps are great because the free up your hands.

And finally if you are doing it right you will require a towel or change of shirt.


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