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9 Tips For Night Runs

Night run is an interesting concept, contrary to myth it was not designed for insomniacs and night walkers but because of the short day hours in winters. In India we don’t really face such issues of insufficient daylight, hence its popular mostly in western cold countries. In spite of its foreign origins Night Runs can be excellent time for continuing your fitness goals and not sacrificing your precious time.

Awesome fun time

The night provides a nice respite from the day’s heat and the night can only become cooler you can extent your runs.

The night times are much calmer and emptier than the day and provide a non-distractive atmosphere, perfect for running.

Excellent us for your late evening activities , rather than sitting and watching T.V or surfing the  internet for useless trivia you could actually hit the road and beat the fat out of your body.

Now before you jump into your running shoes and hit the road there few thing you need to keep in mind during your night runs.

Safety first

Always travel through a well lite route, it might not be very sexy route but  safety comes first. You could alternate your speed to make it challenging but there is no point running into a ditch. Instead of running long distances you could double up your run or do laps around a garden near your home.

Be Visible

Running might not be great for fashion statements but wearing loud  bright colors is good a idea for night runs. The point is to make your selves visible to other on the road and to the on coming traffic. Carry a torch light or headlight is an ideal thing.

Warm-Up and post run stretch

This is the most ignored part of the workout, one might realize the importance of warm up but post run stretch is also necessary. For your night run warm up you can start with a brisk walk before beginning your run, this not just warms your body but also adjust your eyes and ears to the night environment. After the run don’t not forget to cool down with a little legs and back stretches

While Running

Always run on the side which provides a you with more space. Do run your self into a tight corners. It becomes more evident when navigating blind corners or dark spots and use the footpath if its available.

Do not run with your headphones on, running at night without the help of your ears dramatically increases your chances of injury or mishap. Save the music for your commute or the odd times you can get out in the daylight. If you cannot do without it keep the volume low enough to hear the surrounding noise.

Some more tips

If your going make night run a part of your fitness workout you can consider investing in gears like reflective vests,  headlamp and ambient noise headphones .

Pre-Run Snack: Odds are you will be running through your typical dinner time. If that’s the case, make a point to have a solid afternoon snack. Most athletes can make it through from lunch to dinner, but waiting until just before you head out the door to down some carbs will most likely set you up for some gastric discomfort.

Post –Run Meal: Ideally you should go right to a meal after the run instead of recovery drink or shake. Incorporate some high protein content in your post run meat to help you recover from the workout and good amount of water.

The most important thing is to keep the running activity going on with no excuses , best way is get a partner along with you for your runs.

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