Kids Football

The joy of sport is that it provides an unrivaled sense of fun, dreams and togetherness that is rarely matched for girls and boys. Football is a fast and aggressive game which children can quickly learn.

Jumping Gorilla  was designed to inspire kids to enjoy playing football in a simple yet structured manner, that is fun and challenging while developing all the skills that dreams are made of. Guided by a study of the works of child physiologist , nursery school and child health specialists the techniques and principles used in the design of the classes for our children are all focused on creating a warm, friendly and inclusive learning environment across all age groups.

Jumping Gorilla kids football program is designed for children of all age groups, not only focusing on the development of their sporting abilities, but also on their general life and group behavior skills.

The JG experience improves children s’ confidence, communication skills, team spirit and sense of enjoyment.

Program Features

  • 10 minutes Warm up
  • 40 minutes football and fitness activity
  • 10 minutes cool down
  • performance testing every  2 months
  • a fitness coach and a skills coach for every 15 kids
  • Kids nutrition  guidance and consultation

Age group: 6 years and above.

Kids need to have football shoes.

Jumping Gorilla will provide jersey and shorts.

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