Jumping Gorilla school program

For over all development of a child sports and athletics are essential. Just focusing on academics fosters a sedentary life-style for the child which may lead to life style illness later on in life. More over kids get attracted to unhealthy food and lack of physical activity leads to poor concentration, hyperactivity, low self confidence and can hamper physiological and psychological development. The environment in pre-schools and schools in India are not very conducive for kids athletic development. A few exception exist but what they have in spirit they lack in skills and knowledge.

We at ISR have designed the Jumping Gorilla program for precisely to solve this problem. We work with schools to build and engaging atmosphere for children’s athletic development. In our classes we look to merge child psychology and learning, entertainment and fun along with the development of confidence through individual skills coaching. To build pathways for each child that helps the parent see the individual skills development as well as a journey towards team play and gradually increase that in a controlled way to more competitive sport.

J.G program features

  • Designing athletic sports room for pre schools and day care centers
  • Designing indoor and outdoor  premises  as per the available infrastructure
  • Providing trained coaches along with training of schools staff and manuals for teachers
  • Monthly  activity schedule and conducting kids events and workshop
  • Kids nutrition consultancy (individual basis) and parent counselling
  • J. G performance testing and  Development report card
  • Free entry in J.G Olympics and  tournaments.

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