Advanced Sports Training

India is the second most populaces country in the world but our athletes struggle to find a spot on the podium year after year. there various reasons for for the state of Indian sports and we have heard them a million times ( lack of government funding, politicians etc). But we at ISR believe we lack the most important factor “sport culture”. Also

  • lack of sport education at grass roots level
  • shortage of skilled trainers and coaches
  • lack of encouragement from the media and society

And importantly we just do not think sports as viable platform and consider it something that our armed force personnel do in their spare time. Well its time to change that and raise our flag at the Olympics.

The ISR team consist of hardcore Athletes and want to change the Indian sport scene  for coming year by training and producing great Athletes.

One athlete contains a potential for 6 coaches ranging form technical coach to fitness conditioning, nutritionist to sport psychologist, physiotherapist to team manager.

Why is fitness important

We at ISR believe Athletics central to any sports and to maintain high performance 100% fitness is essential. Many sportsmen think fitness is all about pumping muscles or long distance endurance. But real fitness is combines both strength and endurance along with agility, flexibility and body co-ordination.

With these fundamentals in mind we have designed programs for mainstream professional sports.

We provide coaching for Athletics, Football, Tennis, Boxing, Badminton, Archery, Wrestling and Swimming.

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