Marathon training -Day 5


After yesterdays hard grind your muscles and joins must be stretched to its limits. Core training will help contract your muscles and strengthen them.
So lets get down to it

Warm up

5 km slow jog
Muscles and joint stretches
Rest for 15 mins

Main set

1) Abs 10 reps                                       core exercise

2) Back extensions 10 reps                   back extension
3) Regular push ups 10 reps


Repeat 10 times

4) Standing arm action, move your arms back to chin while the rest of body is in stationary position
Do this 3 times                                             Run Posture
1st set 4mins , 2nd -3 mins and 3rd -2 mins.

Cool down
Muscle and joint stretches

Don’t forget to hydrate and have great workout.