marathon workout day 3

Marathon training day 3

Day 3

Today we focus on endurance and speed and best way to achieve this is with uphill running. working against father gravity (who will forever keep us grounded !) increases muscular strength and makes your body accustomed to the pounding, hence prevent injuries.Also It will improve your running posture. So lets get to it

Warm up 

2 to 2.5 km run slow jog
Then do some stretches for main muscle group and joints (check previous day workout for details.)

Main Set –Uphill workouts

1 km jog   rest 5 min

You will need at lest 120 m long and slightly up hill or up road,do  20 repetition, run up and walk down,

Focus on arm action dive and lift your knees till the end.

Cool down

3 km slow jog
Do some knee stretch, hamstring stretches( check here )

Hope you sweat it out and as always please share your experience by commenting on the post.


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